Tips for Beginners – Baking Perfect Cookies Every Time

You might think that baking cookies are straightforward and as simple as putting the dough together and then baking it. They seem easy since they look simple and seem hard to mess up.

But one day, you might pull some cookies from the oven that you tried to bake, and they’re overcooked, undercooked, hard, too soft or have a host of other problems. Don’t worry since everyone experiences this at least once. Start by thinking back to how you started with a recipe. Then when you’re halfway through it, and you realize that you’re missing an essential ingredient. This mistake happens to all bakers now and then. Forgetting vital ingredients will throw your cookies or whatever you may be baking off the rails. So you have to make sure that you’ve read through the whole recipe thoroughly and prepared all the ingredients that you need.

Ovens and temperatures are a big watch-out. Some ovens have their temperatures go higher than other ovens. Try checking what temperature your oven goes up to so you can adjust the time you have to bake with it. You shouldn’t assume that the recipe’s temperature and time are going to work correctly for your oven. That won’t be the case frequently. Purchase an oven thermometer if you want an accurate reading of the temperature that your oven is capable of giving.


You have to preheat your oven before using it. Before you bake anything, preheat your oven for around 10 minutes before you put anything in. So imagine that there’s a recipe that needs the oven to be at 175 degrees celsius. Without preheating your oven, it would take a while for the oven to reach the specified temperature. That will result in your cookies not being what you expected from the recipe.


Some beginners often collect some flour with a scoop from its container, and they’ll toss it into the bowl without hesitation. Some use non-standard spoon sizes when they handle ingredients. You shouldn’t do any of that if you want the best cookies. To get your perfect cookies, you have to measure your ingredients accurately. Be careful and precise, and make sure that you’re using the right measurements. When you measure dry ingredients, use something to flatten the top of the ingredient so that you don’t put more than you need to for the recipe. When you measure wet ingredients, use a big measuring instrument so that it won’t overflow.

The Right Way

To make sure that your cookies bake evenly, place your baking tray in the middle of the oven. Don’t cook more than one tray at once if you can since it would make the cookies bake unevenly. Halfway through the baking, rotate your tray of cookies. Right before the time the recipe states is reached, check on your cookies and keep your eye on them. A minute or two can mean your perfect cookies becoming completely inedible. When you take the cookies out, let them cool for one or two minutes and carefully transfer the cookies to a cooling rack. They’ll continue to bake if you leave them on the tray.