Presenting Your Holiday Cookie Trays – Cookie Styling

The month of Christmas is the time when people desire all kinds of sweets that range in shape and size. Some desserts are glazed, and some are frosted. Some are stamped, and some are rolled. There are also ones that have sprinkles or are sandwiched. Many types of cookies and biscuits can go into the holiday cookie tray for your loved ones to show each of them how much they mean to you.

Holiday cookie trays are something fun that people handout during Christmas season. Sometimes people even choose to mail a wonderful-looking box to you that is filled with cookies. However, you might have a lot of cookies already from others. Delivering the cookie tray to your friends is always accompanies by a warm feeling, and you want the receiver to feel like your cookie tray is extraordinary in every way. Therefore, if your cookie tray has to stand out from others, then there has to be a unique element to make it different. The art of styling a cookie tray comes with practice and some help from google.

How Do You Style A Cookie Tray For The Holiday Season?

The first thing to do is think about and then decide what your base will be. Some ideas that work are a short wooden box, a tea tray that has sides, or a baking sheet with rims. You may also try using an actual box. If you use a real box, make sure you line it with some parchment paper, wrapping paper, or tissue paper first. Check if the base is all good and when you’re sure it’s ready, you can start putting it together. Get a couple of little containers and fill your plate with them. It’s a good idea if the containers are all mismatched so that it looks coordinated. You should mix up the shapes and materials of the containers to give it a bit of contrast. It would be ideal if the containers can each hold around six to eight cookies. You should be creative and use whatever you can find in your kitchen. Here are some things from the kitchen you can put on your tray to decorate it.

  • Wooden ladles and paddles
  • Holiday napkins
  • Sprinkles of sugar at the base
  • Chocolate bits and Buttons

When you have your containers all on the tray, try to arrange them so that they fit with each other in the base you prepared. If you want to add some visual appeal or some of the containers aren’t in good shape, you can line some of the containers with a bit of parchment paper. The parchment paper will also make the cookies visually pop out. Then when you have the compartments prepared, you can start putting the cookies inside of them. When your cookies are stacked on top of each other inside the containers, your cookie tray is finally assembled. It is considered complete when each jar is filled all the way. Finally, make sure you wrap it up with a plastic wrap to stay in room temperature.

Holiday napkins
Holiday napkins