Ideas For Gifting Cookies

With the popularity of Pinterest and Instagram, there are a lot of unique and unusual gift ideas out there. When it comes to gift-giving, more than generosity and thoughtfulness, creativity and artistry are now additional elements that make up the perfect gift. However, there is a lot more you could do with the presentation and packaging of cookies before giving them out as presents to friends and family. Here are a few creative ideas that can provide you with examples and inspiration.

Gifting Cookies

Revamping the Classic Paperboxes

One of the best and tested ways of packaging cookies is using paper boxes. Rather than buying expensive containers that would only be used once, you can look for do-it-yourself paper boxes or paper baskets instructions online. This packaging would be more personal and you can decorate it for your cookies and the person that will receive them. If you are shipping the cookies to relatives and friends from faraway places, it is recommended to use sturdy cardboard boxes. You can add a minimalistic but tasteful decoration by tying the box with a colorful ribbon. You can also consider researching ways to package the cookies better for shipping as they might arrive in crumbles. One way is using straw or strips of paper at the bottom for a sturdy base.

Decorated Food Containers

Another way is to use your imagination and find any food containers that you can use to package your cookies. A neat idea would be recycling tubes of Pringles or other cylindrical food containers. They can be easily cleaned, re-purposed and decorated to store your cookies. Cookie jars are not just for storing cookies. Mason jars or recycled glass jars are also a creative and environment-friendly way to pack cookies and other sweets. You can have a great time painting or decorating the glass exterior and tying the lid with a cute ribbon. Food containers are a hassle-free way of packing your cookies. The shiny aluminum ones with lids just need a colorful string or ribbon along with a lovely greeting card before you send them to your loved ones.

Paper Bag Makeovers

Paper bags have a long tradition of being the face of dull lunches. Instead of thinking about them this way, think of the brown paper bag as a recycled canvass in which you could use your artistic tastes and creativity. Take the time to decorate and personalize those papper bags according to the occasion or the person who will receive the gift. You could draw on them or paste on some beads and glitter before tying the top with a ribbon.

frozen cookie doughs

Exciting and One-of-a-Kind Ideas

Other than the conventional baked cookies, you can use the frozen cookie doughs. You could do the same and have your friends and family follow some easy baking instructions to prepare the cookies. If you are packaging a lot of cookies for many recipients, you can try the simple plastic wrapping topped with a string or ribbon. They are straightforward and easy to make.