Cookies For Different Occasions – Easter

The holidays are the perfect time to prepare seasonal delicacies and treats. Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Christmas are just some of the days when sweets and desserts can take center stage. However, celebrating Easter in some countries brings out the sweet tooth among people. Here are some countries that celebrate this spring holiday with signature cookie treats. 

Easter Biscuits

Britain’s Easter Biscuits

The British celebrate Easter with traditional holiday gifts, and one of these is giving away freshly baked Easter Biscuits for friends and family. These gift-worthy cookies are made with butter, egg yolk, flour, sugar, and baking powder. All these ingredients are blended together to produce a scrumptious batch of soft, sugary biscuits. The fun of Easter celebrations doesn’t stop with baking the cookies as they go the extra mile in molding the cookies and decorating them with Easter symbols like eggs, hens, and bunnies.

Easter Lemon Cookies

Some of the reasons for celebrating Easter are about rebirth, rejuvenation, and new life. One symbolic way of doing this is by baking some adorable hen-shaped lemon cookies. Friends, family, and especially children will have fun decorating the cookies and showing them around the house during the Easter celebration. Preparing them is very easy as well as the main ingredient is lemon cake mix.

Greek Easter Cookies

Easter celebration in Greece is special with their own seasonal holiday cookies which are known as Koulourakia. The cookies are made with a delicious dough with a butter base and decorated with a glossy egg glaze that makes their golden brown color shine through. The cookies are flavored with sweet vanilla and baked with some rising agents so that the final batch of cookies are light and fluffy. Similar to the British’ Easter cookies, the Greeks also like to make their treats artistic as the Koulourakia are twisted to make snake shapes, wreaths, horseshoes, and even Greek letters.

Italy’s Anise Cookies

The Italians bake a variety of cookies to express their excitement and love for Easter. One of the most popular Italian sweets for Easter holidays are decorated Anise cookies or also called  Anisette. They are delicious and mild-flavored cookies that almost resemble the texture of cakes. During Easter, they are specially decorated with icing and generous toppings of candy sprinkles. They are served during afternoons as a snack or as desserts after the main meals. They go wonderfully with a cup of black coffee or espresso.

Cudduraci Cookies from Italy

Beside the Anise cookies, Italy has another signature Easter treat called Cudduraci. These delicacies originate from Calabria in the southern region of Italy. The dessert’s name comes from the Greek word ‘Kollura,’ which means the crown. The name is very fitting as Cudduracis are braided to look like crowns. They are made from flour, sugar and fig syrup, flavored with vanilla and lemon, topped with a colorful layer of sprinkles. These cookies can last up to 2 weeks when kept in a closed container.