Common Mistakes to Avoid When Baking Chocochip Cookies

The first thing that most bakers create are cookies with chocolate chips on them. It’s as easy as scooping up some cookie dough from a container and placing it on a baking sheet. Having cookie dough that’s already ready to be baked is useful for when you want cookies quickly. But making the cookie dough yourself is going to make the cookies better by a lot. This article will tell you about common mistakes people make when they bake cookies and how you can avoid those mistakes.

Don’t Stop Beating The Butter And Sugar Too Early

If you think that you can stop beating the butter and sugar right when it’s mixed, you’re wrong. The cookies will be flat, instead of being fluffy and light. You should take three to five minutes when you beat the butter and sugar mixture. That also applies to the eggs since you have to beat it thoroughly. It is a good idea to use an electric mixer, so you’ll have an easier time. It is crucial to scrape the sides of the bowl. The reason being that you won’t get your ingredients mixed evenly. If your ingredients aren’t evenly mixed, there will be pockets of sugar, flour, butter, and eggs. Having uneven mixing of ingredients will make your cookies flat like good pancakes. Make sure you don’t mix it too much though, or else the cookies will turn out dense. You have to mix right until the flour becomes mixed in thoroughly.

Don’t Use Chocolate Chips, Use Chunks Of Chocolate

Chocolate chips won’t contain chocolate only. There are other ingredients inside the chocolate chips, like soy and vanilla. You’ll get better chocolate chips on your chocolate chip cookies if you use chopped up chocolate bars. The chunks from the chocolate bars you chopped up will give a better texture and flavor. It’ll enhance the cookies exponentially, so make sure the chocolate is of a high quality so that your cookies will be the best they can be. If you want your cookies to look clean, then you should sift out the chocolate dust that comes from chopping up the chocolate bars into chunks. Having some extra chocolate won’t hurt anyone, though.

Don’t Think That Every Single Chocolate Cookie Recipe Is The Same

The idea of the perfect cookie is different from person to person. The preferences you have for the ideal cookie will be different from what your best friend prefers. Find the recipe that’s right for you but remember, there is no singular perfect cookie recipe. Do you want them chunky, gooey, or right in the middle of those two properties? There’s a lot of things about cookies that can make you either love it or hate it. You have to be careful with your consistency with the recipe, so pick a recipe and stick with that recipe unless you end up not liking it.

Don’t Put Too Much Cookie Dough On The Sheet At Once

If you put too much cookie dough on the baking sheet, then your cookies will merge and become some unusual form of cake. Some people don’t mind eating a cookie cake. But that isn’t what you wanted to make in the first place. Your goal is to make cookies that were separate and be even in shape. Try and test how a single cookie would bake inside the oven and how far it would spread out. Adjust the cookies accordingly when you lay them out on the baking sheet, the next time.

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Cookies with milk